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07 11 11

Dear Pastor Dean

I thought I’d reply in some more detail to Pastor Dean's letter claiming atheists need help from the religious. Dear Pastor Dean, allow me to retort!

It is amazing how many atheists express unhappiness with their decision to declare themselves “godless”, and simply regret their decision to go public.

Where are those unhappy atheists? I don’t know of any. The only thing that might make atheists unhappy is the way they are treated by Christians in the United States. You know, cases like not getting a job because you’re atheist and such. Or let’s see what happens when an atheist would try to run for public office. So yeah, if there’s anything that may make atheists unhappy it’s this kind of ridiculous discrimination.

They are tired of being mean. They are tired of attempting to write their own moral code. They are tired of defending theories that have been pushed in high school and college as proof there is no God, only to find it was just another mistaken opinion.

Where are those ‘mean atheists’? Again, I don’t know of any. Moral code? We have a fine moral code. Just because yours is brainwashed into you by religious institutions doesn’t make it better than an atheist’s moral code. Please provide solid evidence for this claim.

They are fed-up with having to use sarcasm, sneakiness, and stupid logic to defend themselves. They have a yearning to be loved. And they want to start loving again, to be agreeable and to take back some of the good values they were taught as children.

Stupid logic? What is that? Or are you trying to say that logic itself is stupid? Also, how delusional of you to suggest that being atheist means you’re not loved or unable to love. What the hell? Are you suggesting atheists don’t love their friends and family and aren’t loved back by them? Really? Again, please provide some evidence to back up your claim.

Some are afraid their “covers” will be exposed. They are predators who have been marked by the community and are ashamed to join a church. Some of them are addicted to porn and just cannot say no to it. Others have joined the atheistic crowd to be “cool”, and have discovered that atheistic coolness can often times be cruel.

Covers, predators? Addicted to porn? Where do these claims come from? I see way more sexual perversion coming from the religious than the non-religious. And yes, I can provide you with tons of examples. Can you do the same for atheists? I sincerely doubt it. Also, there’s no such thing as an ‘atheistic crowd’. That’s the core of the matter. Atheists don’t need any ‘crowd’ to belong to where they get told what to think. Atheists think for themselves.

And there are some who fear the judgement of God because of what they have said about Him. They are petrified that hell is their home because of the public commitment and encouragement they have given to others in the atheistic media. They have inspired beautiful young people to travel their lonely road.

If one ‘fears’ the judgement of God one isn’t an atheist. There’s nothing to fear. There is no God. Go ahead and prove me wrong. I dare you. Again, please provide solid evidence.

I am assuring those who are fed-up with the atheistic lifestyle YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There are people here on Tumblr that have started to doubt their doubts because of these posts. And some of them will be happily disappearing from your atheistic ranks because they don’t want to deal with your harshness, your filthy language and your lack of respect.

Most atheists don’t want to deal with your judgementalism, bigotry, discriminatory and narrow-minded intolerant nonsense. More and more people are disappearing from your ranks every day. It’s called progress. The days of Santa Claus and unicorns are coming to an end. This is the Age of Reason. Deal with it.

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